You can’t do it without a plant-based diet

, You can’t do it without a plant-based diet

Healthy diet, an active lifestyle, a balanced work-life balance while still protecting the environment and doing something about climate change. For many, these are daily challenges and worries that make a liberated life difficult.

Even small steps can help us to do something good for ourselves and the environment. The most important but often the hardest step is the first one we take to make a difference. Changes are urgently needed. This is confirmed by scientists who show that rethinking our diet and where our food comes from is essential to meet the needs of a growing population over the next few decades. We also urgently need to do something for our health, because more and more people are suffering from diet-related illnesses. Alpro is a pioneer in the production of soy products and European market leader for herbal alternatives to dairy products. Herbal foods make it easy to take your first steps in everyday life and to make a difference, even with small changes.

Well done – for your own health

The world of food offers us an incredible variety. Nevertheless, we often feed ourselves one-sidedly and do not pay attention to what ends up on our plate in what quantities. Not infrequently, our one-sided diet leads to nutritional problems, such as obesity or diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and lipid metabolism disorders. In addition, we feel tired and de-energized if we eat too one-sided and unhealthy. Often unconsciously, we consume too many animal products that do not benefit our body and our health. We have become accustomed to the fact that meat and animal foods such as milk and cheese are part of everyday life. However, according to nutritional recommendations, about 2/3 of the foods we eat should be plant-based. This means that herbal products should be brought to the fore and should be the basis of our diet. Vegetarians and vegans are one step ahead of us, who automatically access the vegetable products. They feed more ecologically, try out new things more often and eat fruits and vegetables more often. For them, vegetables, cereals, and potatoes are not a vile side dish but are brought to the center and used creatively. This not only brings variety but also enjoyment and enjoyment of food. In addition to diversity, a plant-based diet has many benefits for our health. Vegetable foods tend to have less calories and fat than animal ones. If they contain fat, they are good fats compared to animal fats, which are vital to our body and metabolism. At the same time, herbal foods provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients.

In recent years, plant foods from a niche have become a matter of course. And rightly so, because they are part of the answer to overall social challenges, such as nutrition, health, and sustainability. A plant-based diet is not just about reducing meat, but consciously incorporating plant-based foods into everyday life and enjoying the variety. The steadily growing supply of herbal milk alternatives and drinks, yogurt alternatives and Co. makes it even easier to enjoy balanced, delicious and predominantly herbal. So we have every day the choice, whether we give milk or oat, almond or soy drink to our cereal. This makes it easy for us to increase the proportion of plants in our diet and make us more balanced and therefore healthier. Alpro offers great opportunities with vegetable products to make the whole day delicious and balanced. With a wide range of products, high quality, and sugar-reduced and sugar-free products, it will be easy to take the first steps towards a better future. Alpro wants to support everyone and gradually inspire more and more people for a plant-based diet – for the benefit of health and the environment.

Well done – for the environment

Carbon footprint, ecological footprint, climate change – terms that have changed into our everyday vocabulary and occupy us daily. We want to protect our planet and ensure that a good life on earth is possible for future generations. A predominantly vegetable diet is considered an effective measure for climate protection. It is one of the little first steps that everyone can contribute to. But why can you protect the climate and the environment with a plant-based diet? In the production of plant foods, less water is consumed, less land needed and less CO2 consumed compared to animal food. On the one hand, this protects the environment, and on the other, it can feed more people. Unfortunately, it is still common that grown plants are used as animal feed. For example, 80 to 90 percent of cultivated soybeans do not end up on our plate but are used as feed in agriculture. Soya is a valuable source of vegetable protein that could contribute to a healthy and sustainable diet. Due to the high demand for animal products, no rethinking will take place here in the future. However, if we reduce the proportion of animal products in the future in favor of the plant share, there will also be a shift in agriculture.

For many, the idea of ​​giving up meat completely is difficult. But it is not necessary for a better future. Rather, it is about increasing the proportion of plants and paying more attention to where foods, whether animal or vegetable, come from, under what conditions they were produced and their impact on the environment. Again, it is the small steps that can already show much effect. Whoever reduces the amount of animal products, does not eat meat every day and pays attention to sustainable animal husbandry and regional products, is one step further in protecting the environment. Being aware of what you eat is the first step in the right direction. Less meat consumption means more protection for climate, air, soil and water, and biodiversity. Alpro is actively committed to a plant-based diet and sustainable food production. To do this, Alpro works directly with the farmers. The soybeans are certified and GM-free and come from Europe or Canada. By promoting local cultivation, Alpro can ensure the supply of GMO-free soybeans, contribute to sustainable agriculture and minimize transport routes. Alpro takes its responsibility to the planet very seriously and also uses its influence, among other things, to promote sustainable soybean cultivation in Europe or to promote the careful handling of almond-based water.

Well done – feels good

Those who work on what they eat, where food comes from and how they influence the environment and their own health will quickly realize how much fun it is. There are no strict prohibitions, painful renunciation or complete lifestyle changes necessary to do something good. In small steps, such as trying out plant-based dishes, discovering new foods, we can make a difference. Those who eat more plant-based foods will quickly realize that it’s a good idea for their own health, the environment, and animal welfare anyway. Alpro is a company that wants to change the way the world feeds for the better and follows the clear mission statement: “We create delicious, all-vegetable foods for the maximum well-being of all people and with the utmost respect for our planet.” , More information about Alpro and its products can be found at