Why can I not taste anything when I have a cold?

, Why can I not taste anything when I have a cold?

Not only cough and sore throat torment us with a cold. Often comes that we suddenly taste nothing. Why this is and how you can restore your sense of taste, you will learn here.

The head is roaring, the throat is scratching and the nose is running – a cold demands a lot from us and our immune system.

FIT FOR FUN explains where the loss of taste comes from and what you can do about it.

Taste: Combination of smelling and tasting

The culprit is that we do not like a cold anymore, it’s the swollen, often sniffy nose.

“When you catch a cold, the nasal mucous membranes swell up. As a result, patients are no longer able to breathe freely and odour receptors are impaired in their function, “explains Dr. med. Helga Grabe, a doctor at the Patient Counselling of the Hamburg Medical Association and the Kassen√§rztliche Vereinigung Hamburg.

According to the expert, smelling and tasting are processed in the sense of taste in the brain: “If the smell is limited by the swollen nasal mucous membrane, the taste can only be perceived insufficiently.”

On the tongue itself, our taste buds can only perceive the five coarse flavours: sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.

In the nose, however, hide up to 30,000 tiny smelling nodules that process the odour and forward it to the brain. Therefore, the human actually tastes with his nose instead of his tongue.

What can I do about the loss of taste?

In order to be able to breathe again as quickly as possible and, above all, taste it, the mucous membranes first have to subside again.

Dr. Helga Grabe recommends:

  • Essential oils
  • Rinses with saline solutions
  • Steam baths (e.g. with the help of an inhaler)
  • warmth

So, you say the next cold and the annoying loss of taste in no time fight.