White cabbage can also be used as a pasta

, White cabbage can also be used as a pasta

At present, farmers are harvesting cabbage again. The vitamin-rich vegetables do not only taste like sauerkraut, but cut heads are easy to keep fresh.

Even a small white cabbage can be enough for several dishes. However, cropped heads can easily last for several days, by covering the cut surfaces with cling film.

In general, when stored cool, a cabbage will last for a long time. Often, the vegetables are fermented lactic acid as sauerkraut to knuckle or roast pork on the plate. Cabbage is also suitable for the preparation of coleslaw, roulades or simply as a vegetable garnish and as an ingredient for stews or casseroles.

But experimenting is worthwhile, for example, by pairing cabbage with pasta, as recommended by the Provincial Association. Cabbage and sauerkraut contain a lot of vitamins C, B, and K as well as potassium, calcium, iron and a high amount of fiber.