Too much salt: Cheese protects blood vessels

, Too much salt: Cheese protects blood vessels

The scientists studied eleven adults, each for eight days to different diets.

For example, they ate particularly low sodium or rich, some ate plenty of dairy products and cheese, while others completely renounced it.

Subsequently, the scientists examined the blood vessels and the blood pressure of the participants.

They found that the vessels of the participants, who had especially nourished rich in sodium and low in cheese, were clearly damaged. Their function was similar to that of patients with advanced cardiac risk factors.

The participants, who had eaten the same amount of salt but at the same time, a lot of cheese did not experience this damage.

The cheese effectively cancelled out the negative effects of salt. The subjects of the study ate about 170 grams of cheese a day.

Researchers want to further investigate the effect

With their results, the researchers hope to reduce the risk of diseases caused by excessive salt consumption in the future.

By incorporating more dairy products, such as cheese, into their diet, people could reduce their risk of heart disease without sacrificing salt.

The researchers were unable to clarify why this was the case during the study. However, they suspect that antioxidants may play a role in dairy products.

In order to be able to make more specific statements in the future, the scientists want to investigate the effects of dairy products on a larger scale.

Because the current study, supported by the National Dairy Council, was concerned only with a small number of participants and is therefore not generally valid and representative.