Shawn Achor toured 45 countries and made an amazing discovery

, Shawn Achor toured 45 countries and made an amazing discovery

If you live like us in a time when much stress and lack of free time have somehow become the ultimate status symbol, a glimpse into Shawn Achor’s world of thought can be very beneficial.

The Harvard professor has been studying for many years which makes people happy. Through his research, he has also gained a very exciting insight that makes people successful – because both are directly related.

Achor found that we can be much more successful in our careers when we are happy. Our brains are more productive in a positive state – by 31 percent than in a negative state.

There is a mistake in thinking that stands in the way of our success

Most of us, however, can not access this 31 percent more productivity because of a crucial flaw in our society: we believe we will be more successful if we work harder. The harder we work, the more successful we will be. And the more successful we are, the happier we will be. But that is a fallacy, as Achor explains.

In a widely acclaimed TED talk, the professor talked about his years of research and why he believes that we need to rethink urgently in order to fully develop the full potential of our brains.

Achor toured 45 countries and made an amazing discovery

“The brain in a positive state works significantly better than the brain in a neutral or negative state, the intelligence is higher, the creativity increases, the energy levels increase,” explains Achor.

“In the positive state, the brain is 31 percent more productive, sellers increase their performance by 37 percent, and doctors work 19 percent faster and more accurately when their brains are in a positive state,” he says.

After spending three years touring 45 countries and working with schools and businesses, Achor says: The misconception that tougher work leads to greater success exists everywhere and runs through all forms of parenting and management.

We believe that we have to succeed to be happy – but it’s the other way around

The problem is not only that this false assumption hinders our potential development – it also prevents us from ever becoming really happy.

Achor explains, “Every time the brain makes a success, the bar gets hung higher: you got good grades, now you have to get better grades, you’ve reached your sales goals, now they’re raised, if luck is on the other As a society, happiness has been pushed beyond our mental horizons because we believe we need to be successful in order to be happy, but our brains work the other way round. ”

If we succeed in rethinking, something amazing happens

So there has to be a rethink; a new look at what we define as success. Instead of making our happiness dependent on what goals we will achieve in the future, we should try to find satisfaction in the here and now.

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Because then something amazing happens automatically: “If we find a way to be positive at the moment, then our brains work better, so we are able to work harder, better and smarter,” says Achor.

Anyone who believes that this is easier said than done is wrong. The researcher can recommend a simple method that allows anyone to quickly achieve satisfaction in the here and now.

Achor reveals how we can reprogram our brains

With just two minutes of effort on 21 consecutive days, Achor says it’s possible to rewrite the brain to make it more optimistic and successful.

You can do this by writing down three new things every day that you are grateful for. After 21 days, the brain then begins to scan the world first for positive, not negative, things. This simple method has proven effective in Achor’s research.

Mindfulness and gratitude lead to a greater sense of happiness. And that, in turn, is the key to greater success.