New study reveals three benefits of a vegan diet

, New study reveals three benefits of a vegan diet

The results of a new study provide surprising arguments for a meatless diet. Accordingly, a vegan diet ensures an improved intestinal flora after a few weeks, which is associated with various health benefits.

At least since the bestseller “Darm gut Charme” is known, which represents a high priority an intact intestinal flora for our health.

In particular, since our diet has an influence on the bacterial composition in our gut, a research team in Barcelona took a closer look at veganism in this context.

In a 16-week study, the effect of a vegan diet on the composition of the intestinal microbiota should be examined in order to assess its effects on body weight, insulin levels and fat content in the body.

Improved intestinal flora in vegans

147 subjects shared the scientific team around Dr. Hana Kahleova in two groups.

73 participants were committed to a vegan diet for four months, while the second control group of 74 participants remained faithful to their usual eating habits.

At the end of the study period, the research team found significant differences in the composition of the study’s gut flora between those who were vegan and those who did not have a vegan diet.

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Results of the study

In the vegan group, the health-promoting intestinal bacterium Bacteroides had increased by 19.5 percent.

Not only is the bacterium a practical aid in fat loss and fat loss but it has also been known to positively affect insulin levels.

In addition, the concentration of the intestinal bacterium Faecalibakterium prausnitzii had risen by 4.8 percent.

This bacterium also helps to lose weight and in particular to the dangerous belly fat (visceral fat), which lies invisibly around the organs.

A reduction in visceral fat can, at best, curb chronic inflammation in the body.

Weight reduction through a vegan diet

Even outside the laboratory, the proven improvements in the intestinal flora found their equivalent in externally ascertainable facts.

At the end of the study period, the vegan trial group had lost an average of 5.8 kilograms. The researchers noticed in the subjects especially a loss of fat mass, which fortunately also included visceral fat.

In addition, the researchers rated the insulin sensitivity among vegan study participants as being high, which significantly reduced the risk of developing diabetes.

In order to lose weight and to prevent diabetes, a vegan diet is therefore very good, according to the present study.

Health benefits of increased fiber

According to the Spanish researchers, one reason for these positive effects could be the increased fiber intake in a vegan diet: “Eating more fiber is one of the most important nutritional recommendations for healthy intestinal flora.”

Because fiber helps intestinal bacteria to reproduce better.

They feed the intestinal bacteria, so to speak, which produces short-chain fatty acids from the dietary fiber.

These, in turn, are not only vital food for the intestinal mucosal cells and therefore indispensable for a healthy colon, but they also regulate insulin levels as well as inflammatory processes and lipid metabolism.

In addition, they stimulate the release of satiety hormones and increase energy consumption, thus also helping with weight loss.