Never rely on calendars for temperature-controlled pregnancy control

If you want to do without a pill or spiral, you can also use the thermometer to prevent it. In order to actually prevent an unwanted pregnancy, there is a lot to consider.

Many women prevent the thermometer – thanks to the so-called temperature method. If one measures the body temperature, one can determine the fertile days with a regular cycle.

However, one should not rely on the calendar, as the “Neue Apotheken Illustrierte” (issue September 15, 2019) explains. The temperature must be re-observed for each cycle to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

An additional clue may be the so-called cervical mucus. It is the vaginal discharge, its amount, appearance and texture changing over the course of a cycle to ovulate.

In addition to a regular cycle, this requires patience and experience. Because stress, infections, and travel can, among other things, lead to changes in the cycle.