How much money women spend on their period

, How much money women spend on their period

A British study has determined what the period costs women: not just nerves, pain and blood, but money – it comes together a lot!

The monthly period shapes the lives of women over many years – an average of 3000 days of menstruation come together in life, as a study on behalf of the coupon portal determined.

That’s about eight years, a pretty long time!

How do women handle the period?

Of the 2,134 women aged 18-45 who were interviewed, 77 percent said their menstrual period lasted five days or more. 91 percent regularly resort to analgesics these days.

One-third of respondents use tying during the period and a quarter use tampons.

The menstrual cup, which is on the rise in younger women, was used by only six percent of survey respondents.

The cost of the period

On the basis of the survey results, the following costs per month were calculated for each woman on average:

  • 14.37 € for sanitary products (sanitary pads, tampons, …)
  • € 8.84 for new underwear, which had to be replaced because of blood spots
  • 4.97 € for painkillers or pain-relieving measures
  • 9,39 € for frustration Naschis or other food
  • € 7.74 other expenses in connection with the period

This costs women their period per year around 540 euros and extrapolated over the entire life over 20,000 euros! Inflation rates were not taken into account.

Why are we still paying taxes on tampons?

For many years, the abolition or at least reduction of the VAT rate for hygiene articles has been discussed.

Currently, 19 percent is still charged – as if it were a luxury that women could choose to do without.

Everyday necessities such as bread, milk, and butter are taxed at seven percent. It is to be hoped that hygiene products will finally be taken for granted.