Harvard Study: You can eat as many nuts daily to lose weight

, Harvard Study: You can eat as many nuts daily to lose weight

That nuts have many calories is no secret. But to lose weight, you do not have to do without it – quite the opposite: Nuts can even help you, as researchers found out now.

They are full of healthy, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and fiber. Nevertheless, they are often avoided by people who want to lose weight: Nuts have a very high-calorie density and are therefore often considered to be a fad.

But is that true?

On the contrary: as researchers found out, nuts can even help you lose weight.

Harvard University researchers published their findings in the journal’BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health ‘.

Nuts reduce the risk of obesity

The researchers looked at the development of about 300,000 people for over twenty years.

The participants should document their weight every four years, and every two years they had to give details of their physical activity.

In addition, scientists looked at how often and how many nuts the participants ate.

They came to the following conclusion: Those who consumed nuts of any kind increased less in the long term and had a lower risk of obesity.

Those who replaced snacks such as chocolate with nuts could prevent weight gain of 0.41 to 0.7 kilos within four years.

Based on their findings, the researchers recommend eating about a handful of nuts daily – that’s about 14 grams.

Nuts saturate longer

They explained that chewing nuts requires more effort than eating other sweets.

In addition, lead the high fiber content that you feel full for longer. In addition, according to the researchers, the fibers of nuts bind fat in the gut. Accordingly, more calories would be eliminated.

Further studies confirm the result

Finally, the scientists admitted that due to the personal information, small inaccuracies in the data analysis are possible.

In the past, however, other studies have suggested that eating nuts may help with weight loss.